Washers and Decontamination Systems

Enter the Next Phase in Medical Equipment Sanitation ...

AUTOMATICALLY apply a number of industrial disinfectants in a clean, hands-free environment and improve your infection control program.


View the Aqua Phase Line of Washers Variety of Models
that can be customized to fit your special needs.

Recommended Models - Based on type and size of facility with varying price levels & features

Reasons to Choose Aqua Phase:
 Savings - Savings of over 60% of your Labor Costs.
 Effectiveness - Proven Test Results of the Effectiveness of Aqua Phase.
 Customize - Aqua Phase can be customized to fit your special needs.
 Cleaning - We Carry a Complete Line of Aqua Phase Cleaning Solutions.
 Ownership - Purchase or Lease Your Aqua Phase.


A Few Quotes from Current Aqua Phase Users:


"Based on a shortage of ... staff, increasing benefits ... and added cleaning responsibility.
I recommend procurement ... which shows a pay-back within four months."


"All you have to do is put a wheelchair in, set the machine and then go do something else.  The time it saves my service techs is amazing!"

  "... For us, this unit has paid for itself in less than one year, which doesn't make me look too bad either.  ... I'm already figuring Aqua Phases in the budget for future locations."
Aqua Phase Photo Gallery - Snap shots of different models.