Aqua Phase Model AQ-1000 is designed specifically for smaller size nursing homes, home medical equipment and durable medical equipment dealers. Like all models, the AQ-1000 will save your staff a tremendous amount of time, improve your infection control program and make one of the most disliked tasks in your facility far more enjoyable.

AQ-1000 is the most economical full-featured Aqua Phase unit, but does not lack for quality. The key components such as the valves, pumps and nozzles are identical to the ones used in the more expensive models produced. AQ-1000 includes a stainless steel water/spray distribution system with a double-wall stainless steel chamber and spray arms.

Like all Aqua Phase models, in order to operate the machine once the unit is located, all you need to do is hook up two hoses, one for the hot water fill and one for the drain, plug the Aqua Phase in and begin saving time, improving efficiency and enhancing infection control.