"EXCELLENT" Disinfection Test Results!
Recently, Aqua Phase was put to the test. Testing performed by an independent laboratory confirmed the value of an Aqua Phase as part of your cleaning and infection control protocol.

At a nursing home facility, five wheelchairs were selected at random. Using appropriate swab testing procedures, the five wheelchairs were tested before being cleaned and after being washed and disinfected using an Aqua Phase Sanitizer.

Before being cleaned, three of the five wheelchairs had bacteria at "EXCESSIVE GROWTH" levels, resulting in a strong recommendation to "Review Disinfecting Procedures".

All five of the wheelchairs were then cleaned and disinfected using the Aqua Phase machine.

After washing and disinfecting the wheelchairs using the Aqua Phase, the test results concluded that all five of the wheelchairs had "NO GROWTH" and that "Disinfection Practices are Excellent"!

This independent testing confirmed two facts: one, the obvious need to properly clean and disinfect medical equipment, such as wheelchairs; and two, the effectiveness of Aqua Phase in doing the job.

In addition to getting the cleaning job done, Aqua Phase can save you over 60% of your labor cleaning costs