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Aqua Phase has unique adaptations for washing wheelchairs. But, don't be fooled! Aqua Phase is designed and built to perform as a Sanitizer for a wide-range of Medical Equipment. Anything you can fit in the front door that has sealed electrical components or is non-electrical can be cleaned and have a disinfectant applied by Aqua Phase -- carts, containers, walkers, stands, IV poles, oxygen tanks, split frame beds. Our model AQ-4000 is purposely built large enough to wash entire hospital beds, gurneys, stretchers, emergency backboards, and laundry carts, as well as wheelchairs and other items capable of being washed in any Aqua Phase unit. We seem to learn of something new every month that has been cleaned effectively in Aqua Phase. The list ranges from window blinds to mountain bikes.
On average, Aqua Phase uses 5.5 gallons of water per wash cycle after the first wash. The 5.5 gallons of water is continually recirculated within the machine during a wash cycle. This results in the equivalent of approximately 250 gallons of wash water during a 7-minute wash cycle. After Aqua Phase is done with the wash phase, it will pump this dirty wash water to drain. Aqua Phase will then perform a pre-rinse cycle and drain. It then refills with fresh water for the main rinse phase. After the main rinse phase, the water remains in the reservoir. This clean rinse water is then used as the wash water for the next cycle unless you choose to drain the rinse water as well. Accordingly, the possibility of cross contamination by using dirty wash water for more than one wash cycle is minimized.
You have your choice. You can select a 3, 5, or 7-minute wash and rinse cycle. The length of wash cycle you select depends on what type of item is being washed and how dirty it is. Generally, it takes 1-2 minutes to fill and drain. The optional disinfectant application system requires approximately 30 seconds.
As with any machine, it depends on how much it is used. We are aware of Aqua Phase machines that have over tens of thousands cycles run on them and are still going strong. We have been producing the Aqua Phase for twenty-five years; and, previously we were part of a company that has specialized in producing and installing automated factory cleaning systems within the food and beverage industries for more than 25 years. Just like any machine, certain components will wear out from use and need replacement - gaskets, filters, and other moving parts. However, Aqua Phase is purposely constructed from proven high-quality components in order to provide you a long-lasting, quality machine.
Aqua Phase will perform best with hot water temperatures between 105°-130° degrees F. We recommend a water temperature of at least 105 degrees F°. Nearly all hot water heaters can provide a temperature of that level. However, it is common in certain areas of a nursing home or hospital to have hot water temperatures below 150°. If you do not have hot water at a temperature of 105°, then you would want to consider not using our AQ-260 Rinse Agent. This specially formulated rinse agent requires 105° to activate properly. If the Rinse Agent is not used, you can except to see a few water spots on the equipment you wash if not toweled dry. Do not run hot water to the machine at temperatures greater than 140°. Quality vinyl and plastics can be damaged at temperatures over 140°. That is why we designed Aqua Phase to operate,clean and apply disinfectants at or below 130°.
Based on national average electrical costs, Aqua Phase will cost less than 2 cents per wash for hot water. Accordingly, we have found that it is more cost effective for you to supply a hot water source (even if this requires the installation of a 40-gallon hot water heater) than it is to incorporate heating elements within the Aqua Phase. In addition, by utilizing a supply of hot water rather than waiting for Aqua Phase to heat the water, the overall length of time for a wash cycle is reduced - which means you are not paying someone to wait.
We do offer an air dryer as an option. However, we recommend you consider the following factors prior to selecting the air dryer option:
Our AQ-260 Rinse Agent solution aids in the drying process. When it is applied, the rinse agent reduces the water surface tension; and, thus most of the water drops off inside the wash chamber.
An air dryer is typically unnecessary due to "flash evaporation". When an item is removed from the wash chamber with a 130° temperature to room temperature, you get what is called flash evaporation. This results in most items being air-dried in 3-5 minutes.
If you were to select the air blower option, you must assess the need to vent the air out of your wash area, much like a clothes dryer. If you do not vent the air, you will end up with water condensation on the walls. Also, without external ventilation, you are attempting to dry an item with water saturated air - similar to hanging your clothes outside to dry on a rainy day.
The last consideration is related to applying disinfectants with Aqua Phase. Generally, to be effective, a disinfectant requires a 10-minute contact time with the item being disinfected.
No. Quality vinyl and plastics can be damaged at temperatures over 140°F. That is why we designed Aqua Phase to operate and clean items at or below 130°F. Aqua Phase operates on a low pressure, high volume principle. The pressure of the spray inside the wash chamber is only approximately 24 PSI. That is about half of the pressure of a typical home kitchen tap. Because it operates at a low pressure, you are not likely to impact dirt or displace grease in the bearings like you might with a 1,500 PSI pressure washer.
No unique building or electrical modifications are required. You do need to supply the following items for proper operation of your Aqua Phase:
(We Supply) Two 10' hoses, rated at 150 °F or better. These hoses are used for automatic filling and draining of the machine. Do not use standard garden hoses. 25' hoses are available. Once you have an idea of where you will locate the machine, you can determine how long the hoses need to be. Obviously, the longer the hoses, the longer it will take to fill and drain the machine. It is not recommend to use hoses longer than 50 feet.
Water Supply:A hot water source and a drain.
Power: In the U.S., a standard electrical circuit with a 20 AMP breaker. For added safety, we recommend that you use a ground fault receptacle. Only the AQ-4000 requires a 220-volt circuit (the AQ-2000 and the AQ-3000 can be modified to use a 220-volt circuit). International models of the AQ-3000 and AQ-4000 are designed to use a 220-volt circuit.
All Aqua Phase models are portable. The Aqua Phase models are built and designed with portability in mind. As a standard feature, all Aqua Phase Washers have heavy-duty casters. The casters are over-rated because some facilities do move it from floor-to-floor, wing-to-wing, and building-to-building. With an Aqua Phase Washer, you can bring the washer to the equipment rather than bringing all the equipment to the washer.
As with any cleaning operation using water, it is recommended that soft water is used. Hard water contains a relatively high level of lime, calcium and iron. The hard water will affect cleaning performance the same as it does your home laundry. After an extended period of time, the inside stainless steel walls of Aqua Phase will accumulate a white hard water deposit. If this build up is extensive, we recommend the use of a "de-liming" solution. The most effective solution we have is AQ-725. See Cleaning Solutions. The Aqua Phase User's Manual contains detailed instructions for "de-liming" your machine if it becomes necessary.
Normal delivery is 4-6 weeks. Once your order is placed, a target ship date will be provided.
We have developed an array of set up guides to assist you in the installation process which can be viewed below or if you have any difficulties please contact us
Aqua Phase 3000 Set Up Guide
Aqua Phase 4000 Set Up Guide
With approved credit, typical payment terms are 30 days after shipment of your unit. We do have a variety of lease programs available as well. Special payment terms can be made to accommodate unique situations or to reward you for prepayment or early payment.
Yes. Leasing is available to your business to assist you in maintaining your cash flow while purchasing the Aqua Phase. Flexible lease programs can help turn a capital investment into manageable monthly payments. Lease terms vary from one to five years to fit your needs. See Flexible Leasing Options.
We can accommodate any method of shipment you prefer.
Typically, Aqua Phase units are shipped via common carrier by truck. If you have a preferred carrier, we can easily ship with them.
When you place your order, we will work with you to choose the best freight company. In addition, we will make certain that any special arrangements are made, such as delivery by lift-gate truck if necessary.
Usually, everything you order will arrive on one pallet. Most supplies are packaged inside the machine. The machine is wrapped with Styrofoam and cardboard, and it is banded to a specially designed pallet.
We carry a complete line of Aqua Phase Cleaning Solutions.
These non-foaming solutions thoroughly wash, rinse, and disinfect all items in the unit. Solutions are specifically formulated to clean equipment virtually spot-free and speed drying time. No premixing, dilution, or measuring is necessary. Aqua Phase solutions are placed in the utility panel at the back of the unit.
You may have a particular brand or line of cleaning and disinfecting solutions that you are currently using. In order to ensure that the solutions you are using will not damage certain component parts or cause any malfunctions with the various sensors located in the Aqua Phase, we require that you inform us of your choices in order to maintain the factory warranty. Approximately 90% of the appropriate solutions available are approved and will work with the Aqua Phase.
Based on the quantity cost of Aqua Phase solutions, the cost per wash is under 60 cents. In comparison, if you are using a high-pressure washer with a chemical injection feature and you spray an item for 3 minutes, your costs would be about a one third higher than Aqua Phase.
Aqua Phase Cleaning Solution usage rates are as follows:
Solutions-1 Gallon Usage Rate
AQ-240 Cleaner 60 - 65 cycles
AQ-260 Rinse 70 - 75 cycles
AQ-280 Rinse/Rust Inhibitor 70 - 75 cycles
Disinfectant at 1 oz. per gallon 170 - 180 cycle
You may not want to disinfect everything. A good example is in nursing homes. Some of the residents’ skin may be sensitive to disinfectants; so, you would want to select which items to be disinfected.
Another reason is that, if you have Joint Commission Accreditation, you may have written protocols that require you to disinfect everything, then clean it. So with the option, we give you a choice. You can clean only, clean and disinfect, or disinfect only.
Routine maintenance includes the cleaning of stainless steel filters and reservoirs. The Aqua Phase User's Manual includes a detailed list of all scheduled routine maintenance items that will ensure smooth, trouble-free operation. See Aqua Phase Operation
Aqua Phase was designed so that your own staff can perform the vast majority of potential necessary adjustments. A comprehensive User's Manual is provided with Aqua Phase. In addition, factory support via our 800 number is free. Each model carries a factory warranty - the specific details of a particular model's factory warranty should be reviewed. If a problem should develop outside of warranty coverage that cannot be corrected in-house or via free factory phone support, we have factory technicians available to help. In addition, we are continually expanding our distribution and service center network