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Cleaning and Disinfectant Solutions


These non-foaming solutions thoroughly wash, rinse and disinfect all items in the unit. Solutions are specifically formulated to clean equipment virtually spot-free and speed drying time.

No premixing, dilution, or measuring is necessary.

USA Domestic Price List (as of January 1, 2010):

SKU # Description Price per Gallon Price per Case (4 gal)
AQ-240 Cleaning Solution $24.00 $96.00
AQ-260 Rinse Solution $27.50 $110.00
AQ-280 Rust Inhibitor $33.00 $132.00
AQ-128 Virex II™ Disinfect $31.00 $124.00
AQ-130 T-B Cide™ Disinfect $55.00 $220.00
AQ-725  Deliming Solution QT - $ 6.95 Case - 12 Qts  $83.40


Quantity Discounts

An $8.00 per case discount - $2.00 per gallon - is given on orders of 4 or more cases in any combination, excluding T-B Cide Plus™.
Freight and any applicable haz. mat. charges are additional.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Click to view MSDS aq240

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aq1000 wheelchair washer


AQ 2000 wheelchair washer


aq3000 wheelchair washer


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