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The popularity of Aqua Phase as part of an infection control program continues to expand across America and has reached across the Atlantic to European markets as well.

Over the past ten years we have worked with engineers, health care facilities, chemists and sales representatives to produce the most efficient and highest quality equipment washer on the market today.  We had anticipated that Aqua Phase would reach the European and World markets, but we never could have imagined the enthusiasm and demand for our product found there.

Early on we tested the waters overseas.  We were very fortunate to meet some wonderful sales representatives and businessmen located in the United Kingdom and France.  They introduced us to the needs of Health Care Facilities in Europe and we were able to easily adapt Aqua Phase to meet their needs.  We are also grateful to our associates at B.E.S. Rehab in the UK and the gentlemen at Franchir in France for our success in Europe.

In addition to our popularity on the European Continent, Aqua Phase has received inquires form the Middle East, Africa, Island Asia, South America and the list goes on.  We were excited to see the extensive international representation at Medtrade in Orlando last year.   And we were fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with so many international professionals.  As always we are eager to hear how our Medical Equipment Washer can be adapted into an existing infection control program.  We are also interested in finding new ways to adapt our product to meet the changing and challenging requirements of the world.

It is with great excitement and optimism that Aqua Phase looks toward future success both here in the United States and abroad.



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