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News and Events
[New!]Dealer and Service Network Continues to Expand.
Recent New Partners helping to distribute and service the Aqua Phase line. 
[New!]"Excellent" Disinfection Test Results using Aqua Phase!!!
See Excellent Results for description.
Equipment Washer Buyers’ Guide
See Buyer's Guide.pdf for details.
With Support from the Export-Import Bank, Aqua Phase can now provide International Financing. 
See Have Passport, Will Travel for more details.
New Model Numbers - Same Quality Machines
See New Numbers for more details.
Aqua Phase Expands Its Product Line to Meet the Needs of Big and Small Facilities
See Products Summary for more details.
Aqua Phase Now Carries a New TB Disinfectant
        See New Disinfectant for more details.


If what you're looking for isn't here, please let us know.


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aq1000 wheelchair washer


AQ 2000 wheelchair washer


aq3000 wheelchair washer


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