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Leasing is available to your business to assist you in maintaining your cash flow while purchasing the Aqua Phase system.  Flexible lease programs can help turn a capital investment into manageable monthly payments.
EQUIPMENT PAYS FOR ITSELF - You are already using the Aqua Phase while making the payment.  With Aqua Phase, labor savings and generated income is enough to cover the lease payment.
SIMPLIFIES BUDGETING - You are making monthly payments rather than paying-out one lump sum for the Aqua Phase.  Budgets can more readily accommodate monthly lease payments than single cash expenditures.
PRESERVES CREDIT LINES - Leasing keeps your bank credit lines and other credit sources available to meet your short-term needs.
IMPROVES CASH FLOW - Lease payments are a fraction of the purchase price and they are a pre-tax expense.
TAX ADVANTAGES - With a Fair Market Value Lease, lease payments are fully tax deductible as an operating expense.  Your accountant can provide you with the details.
FLEXIBILITY - Several options are available with a lease - such as: one to five year terms, different types of leases, and variable type programs to fit your individual needs.

Monthly Lease Payment Examples:

Aqua Phase Model

Monthly Lease Payment*

AQ-F250 $139
AQ-1000 $185
AQ-2000 $241
AQ-3000 $277
AQ-4000 $570
* The monthly lease payment is based on using manufacturer's list price on a FMV lease using quoted rates with a 10% purchase option at the end of a five year lease.  Leasing of purchase is subject to approval.  Quoted rates subject to change based on list price and prevailing lease rates.

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aq1000 wheelchair washer


AQ 2000 wheelchair washer


aq3000 wheelchair washer


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