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The AQ-F250 Sprite

F250 Sprite
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The AQ-Sprite is an efficient, basic medical equipment washer that gets the job done.  Like all Aqua Phase models, the AQ-Sprite will save your staff a tremendous amount of time and hand-off one of the most disliked tasks in your facility to a machine.

The AQ-Sprite benefits from the years of "cleaning know-how" and experience at Aqua Phase.  We've purposely kept it simple.  By limiting the features and options available, we can offer you the best pricing available on a basic medical equipment washer.

The AQ-Sprite is the only Aqua Phase model that can reasonably be compared to most other manufacturers - based on its construction, components, performance, and price, the AQ-Sprite comes out aheadAll other Aqua Phase models available (AQ-1000, AQ-2000, AQ-3000, and AQ-4000) include standard features that exceed virtually everything else.

Like all Aqua Phase models, in order to operate all you need to do is hook up two hoses, one for the hot water fill and one for the drain, plug in the AQ-Sprite and begin saving time and improving efficiency.

If your needs go beyond basic equipment washing, such as automatic application of disinfectant solution or rotation of wheelchair wheels while cleaning, we recommend that you review our full line of Aqua Phase models, beginning with the AQ-1000.

Standard Features - AQ-Sprite:
bulletDouble-Walled Stainless Steel Construction
bulletVariable Wash Time Cycles (3, 5, or 7 minutes)
bulletWash and Rinse Cycles
bulletHeavy-Duty Caster Wheels with Brakes
bulletAutomatic Chemical Injection
bulletLCD Status Display
bulletHot Water Hose Set (Set of 2 - 10')
Options - AQ-Sprite:
bulletFront Door Safety Glass Window
bulletLong Hot Water Hose Set (Set of 2 - 25')

Design Features - AQ-Sprite:

Construction (Stainless Steel)


UL Listed Electronics Assembly Standard
Wash Cycle Lengths 3, 5, or 7 minutes
Water Level Sensor Electronic
GFCI Breaker in Power Cord Standard
Front Door Safety Switc Standard
Warranty - Wash Chamber 5 years
Warranty - Parts

1 year

Warranty - Labor 90-day
Dimensions - AQ-Sprite:
Machine Outside Width 33-5/8"
Machine Outside Length 64"
Machine Outside Height 62"
Wash Chamber Width 26-1/2"
Wash Chamber Length 51-1/4
Wash Chamber Height 41-1/2"

Currently, the AQ-Sprite Model Series is only available in North America.

Product Changes and Options Availability
Following publication, certain changes in standard equipment, options, prices and the like, or product delays, may have occurred which would not be included in these pages. Your Aqua Phase Dealer is your best source for up-to-date information. Aqua Phase reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without incurring obligations. Options shown or described are available at extra cost and may be offered only in combination with other options or subject to additional ordering requirements or limitations.

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