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Cleaning and Disinfectant Solutions

We carry a complete line of
Aqua Phase Cleaning Solutions.

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These non-foaming solutions thoroughly wash, rinse and disinfect all items in the unit. Solutions are specifically formulated to clean equipment virtually spot-free and speed drying time.



No premixing, dilution, or measuring is necessary.

Aqua Phase Solutions are placed in the Utility Panel at the back of the Unit



Aqua Phase Cleaning Solutions:

AQ-240 Cleaning Solution

aq240 AQ-240 MSDS.pdf

This cleaning solution was specifically developed for Aqua Phase washers. The non-foaming properties of AQ-240 are ideal for cleaning wheelchairs, walkers, split frame beds, containers, IV poles, shower stools or any other non-electrical equipment washed in the Aqua Phase. Preventive maintenance and cleaning programs can be implemented using this solution.

AQ-260 Rinse Aid Solution

aq260 AQ-260 MSDS.pdf

The AQ-260 Rinse Solution was also developed specifically for Aqua Phase. It requires a water temperature of 130°F to activate the flash evaporation properties working with the surface tension of the water on the item being washed. Drying time of 2-3 minutes out of the wash chamber eliminates hand drying.

AQ-280 Rinse With Rust Inhibitor

aq280 AQ-280 MSDS.pdf

The AQ-280 Rinse Solution contains a rust inhibitor to be used periodically if you have a rust problem. This rinse solution applies a protective coating to guard against rust. It also has all the advantages of our AQ-260 Rinse Solution.

AQ-128 Virex™ Disinfectant Solution

Virex II ™MSDS

Virex is manufactured by SC Johnson. It is a germicidal cleaner and deodorant providing broad spectrum disinfection, mold and mildew control, and odor elimination to be used with the Aqua Phase Disinfectant Application System. AQ-128 Virex has a wide range of bacterial effectiveness:  Pseudomonacidal, Staphylocidal, Salmonellacidal ,Streptocidal and Fungicidal.  Virex also is a Virucidal effective against:  HIV-1, Adenovirus type 4, Herpes simples type 1&2, Influenza A/Hong Kong, Rubella and Vaccinia.

AQ-130 TB-Cide Plus™

TB-Cide Plus™MSDS

In response to the large number of requests, Aqua Phase now carries a disinfectant solution effective against tuberculosis for use with all Aqua Phase washers with the Disinfectant Application System installed. Produced by Spartan Chemical Company, TB-Cide Plus is a powerful, triple phenolic-based disinfectant concentrate.   Tested with 10 minutes exposure, TB-Cide Plus is effective against Mycobacterium tuberculosis as well as an effective bactericidal, fungicidal, and virucidal solution.

AQ-725 Deliming Solution

AQ-725 MSDS.pdf
AQ-725 removes hard water deposits left inside the wash chamber from minerals in the water. This solution is used to clean the wash chamber itself only when needed.
Cleaning Solutions Material Safety Data Sheets

Cleaning Solutions Pricing


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