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Model AQ-4000 Series


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The Aqua Phase AQ-4000 Series contains the largest units presently produced in the Aqua Phase line. This unit is designed to handle requirements placed on hospitals (many times implemented themselves,) to improve their infection control programs and protocols.

The AQ-4000 has been slightly enlarged since 1996 to include and accommodate the needs and the demands of health care facilities globally. The enhancements, made at the suggestion of these facilities domestically and abroad, have resulted in a machine which is large enough to accommodate an entire hospital bed, as well as gurneys, stretchers, emergency back boards, and of course, the smaller items capable of being washed in any of the other Aqua Phase models produced.

The AQ-4000 is a stationary unit with options allowing the item being washed to be placed in from one end and removed from the same, or a pass-through model (shown above) which allows items to be loaded in one end of the machine and removed from the other.

The AQ-4000 has a movable conveyor floor in the wash chamber as an optional feature.  Items can be placed just inside the door and, at the turn of a switch, moved forward into the wash chamber to allow more room for additional items to be washed.  When the AQ-4000 is ordered with the Disinfectant Application System, it will become an integral part of your infection-control protocols.

Like all Aqua Phase models, in order to operate the machine once the unit is located, all you need to do is hook up two hoses, one for the hot water fill and one for the drain, plug the Aqua Phase in and begin saving time, improving efficiency and enhancing infection-control.

Standard Features - AQ-4000:
bulletDouble-Walled Stainless Steel Construction
bulletOscillating Stainless Steel Spray Arms
bulletFront Door Safety Glass Window
bulletVariable Wash Time Cycles (3, 5, or 7 minutes)
bulletWash and Rinse Cycles
bulletHeavy-Duty Caster Wheels
bulletAdjustable Leveling Feet
bulletAutomatic Chemical Injection
bulletLCD Status Display
bulletRamp Set ( 2 @ 4-ft each)
bullet220 Volt, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase AC Operation
bulletHot Water Hose Set (Set of 2 - 10')
Options - AQ-4000:
bulletDouble Door Pass-Through Upgrade (Front & Rear Doors)
bulletDisinfectant Application System
bulletConveyor Transfer System
bulletUtility Wash Trays
bulletElectronic Temperature Monitor
bulletExtended Ramps Sets
bulletLighted Wash Chamber
bulletOperations Validation System (To Print Performance Records)
bulletLong Hot Water Hose Set (Set of 2 - 25')
bulletNow available in a variety of

Design Features - AQ-4000:

Construction (Stainless Steel)


Spray Arm Assemblies Stainless Steel
Tested to European Specs. Yes
UL Listed Electronics Assembly Standard
Wash Cycle Lengths 3, 5, or 7 minutes
Disinfectant Application (Optional) Automatic
Water Level Sensor Electronic
GFCI Breaker in Power Cord Standard
Front Door Safety Switch Standard
Warranty - Wash Chamber 5 years
Warranty - Parts

1 year

Warranty - Labor 90-day
Dimensions - Standard AQ-4000:


Length Wide Height
Exterior with Mechanical Cabinet (excluding door handles) 96-3/4" 63-1/4" 73"
Interior Wash Chamber (with conveyor floor) 93-3/4" 40-1/2" 48-1/2"
Shipping Crate Size 112" 72" 84"
Shipping Weight - estimated: 2,600 lbs      

Beginning in 2006, a new narrower version of the AQ-4000 is available - the AQ-4200.  The AQ-4200 is for those facilities that want the benefits and features of the AQ-4000 but positioning limitations imposed by doorways and/or elevator sizes at certain facilities prevent getting the machine to its intended operating location. 

After installation,  the AQ-4200 is the just about the same size - inside and out - as the AQ-4000, except the interior wash chamber is 38-3/4" wide (1-3/4" narrower than the AQ-4000).

Prior to shipping, the AQ-4200 is fully assembled and tested.  Upon passing all quality control and inspection procedures, the AQ-4200 is disassembled into its various modules.  The largest of these modules is the wash chamber.  The wash chamber module is 47-3/4" wide, 68" high, and 96-3/4" long.

Accordingly, the AQ-4200 can be installed when doorways and/or elevators have a minimum clear opening of 48" wide and 72" high (4 feet by 6 feet).  The length restriction is just over 8 feet and must be evaluated for clearance in any hallway or elevator,  The AQ-4200 requires on-site installation and setup by Aqua Phase.

A taller version of the AQ-4000 is now available - the AQ-4102HT.  The AQ-4102HT is the same length and width as the AQ-4000, and it comes with all the same standard features as the AQ-4000.  

In addition, a Bariatric version of the AQ-4000 is available - the AQ-4800.  The AQ-4800 is longer, taller, and wider than the standard AQ-4000, and again is comes standard with all of the same features as the AQ-4000.  The AQ-4800 accommodates Bariatric and Geriatric hospital beds, equipment, etc, as well as

These additional models, allow hospitals and other facilities to decide which of the AQ-4000 series model would best fit with their protocols.


The AQ-4000 Model Series is available domestically and internationally.

Product Changes and Options Availability
Following publication, certain changes in standard equipment, options, prices and the like, or product delays, may have occurred which would not be included in these pages. Your Aqua Phase Dealer is your best source for up-to-date information. Aqua Phase reserves the right to change product specifications at any time without incurring obligations. Options shown or described are available at extra cost and may be offered only in combination with other options or subject to additional ordering requirements or limitations.

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